Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Around the neighborhood

Now that the weather has been getting warmer (i.e., slightly less Arctic!), I've been taking the opportunity for long strolls about the neighborhood.  I love peeking at -- no, not in -- people's windows, because everyone has such beautiful window displays.  All the homes here seem to have large windowsills, and people dress them in such interesting and unique ways.  Since these sills are often above radiators they seem to be the perfect home for plants, particularly orchids.

But there are lots of other displays too.  Candles:

Potted plants:

Crystal candelabras:

Chinese pottery:

Fat, nude psychedelic ladies warning of the danger of illegal parking*:

And my personal favorite:  

I always do a double-take when I walk past that one!

And my attempts.  First, tulips (not well-suited for warm windowsills, unfortunately):

Then, orchids:

These are doing much better!

*  In case you're wondering, this isn't just some random fat, nude, psychedelic lady.  She's famous.  

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