Sunday, January 30, 2011


Guess who bought herself a new Disney Princess lipstick from a vending machine?

She put it on herself.  Can you tell?

The scary thing?  That's what she looked like AFTER I wiped it off.  I think she may have to go to school tomorrow like that.

It reminded me a little bit of this photo from the very first time I let her do art unattended.   Big mistake!
Note the blue tongue.  She didn't miss a spot. 

At least the blue stuff washed off!  Who would make little girl lipstick in such a bright color -- and one that doesn't wipe off easily!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Year in Luxembourg

So this is it:  our one-year anniversary in Luxembourg.  One year ago today we -- and our enormous pile of luggage

-- arrived after a harrowing trip...

...halfway around the world.

I can't believe it's been a year!

Some highlights from our first year in Luxembourg.

 We spent lots of time exploring the forest behind our house.

The kids were delighted by the first snowfall:
Their first snowman!

February brought many trips to Ikea and much furniture assembly!
Ack!  The cardboard!
But we also made time to explore our new home:
Luxembourg Centre Ville

Our first trip to Paris!
View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

A visit from Grandpa and Aunt Minnie

Trier, Germany

Jennifer annoyed her Facebook friends by endlessly gushing about the beauty of spring in Luxembourg.

A trip to Holland to see windmills and tulips.

Keukenhof Gardens

Kate appeared in a French newspaper:

And our home was invaded by bats:
Still makes me shudder even 7 months later!
We took advantage of the lovely weather and relaxed in our backyard:

 Our friends, Ted and Laura, came to visit.
Ted and Laura in front of Vianden Castle
 We celebrated Luxembourg's National Day:

A trip home to see friends and family...
Will and Brendan
Gigi came to visit and we took her to Bruges, Belgium.

Our trip to Italy where we visited Rome, Pompeii and Sorrento

Will and Kate on the island of Capri

We started enjoying the fall activities Luxembourg has to offer:

Pumpkin picking in Sprinkange

Jennifer annoyed her Facebook friends by endlessly gushing about the beauty of autumn in Luxembourg.
C'mon!  Look at that.  How could I not gush!
The kids and I visited Nancy, France.
 Our family went to Tunisia for some sun and -- uh -- camel riding.

Ali Baba.

Snow, snow and more snow.

 We took also took a trip to Heidelberg where Will lost his first tooth and went ice skating for the first time.

What a year!
I can only hope the next one is as wonderfully full as the last...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Le Snowhall

This past weekend on what turned out, ironically, to be a beautiful, sunny day, we headed to Amneville, France for some indoor skiing.  This place is open 365 days a year and offers beginner as well as more advanced slopes, and it even has a sled hill!

This was Kate's first time on skis and Will's second, though it may as well have been his first since I think he was just three the last time we went.

This is the more advanced slope.  It's 620 meters long--not that I tried it out.  I stay firmly on the bunny hill!
Here's Kate all set to hit the slopes:

No pictures of Will.  Guess why?  As usual he tried to hide every time he saw my camera and I'm not talented enough on skis (actually, I'm a menace) to get any action shots.  Not entirely true, I guess.  I did manage this one:

Nice slow conveyor belt ski lift.  Just my speed.
 So, how did the kids do?  Great, of course.  Kate took to it immediately and after a few first shaky runs, Will loved it too.  Some of his friends were there and their dads, who are much better skiers than Roger or I, helped him down the hill.  By the end, he was zipping around with no problem.

As for me, I managed not to wipe out and take anyone with me, so I consider that a successful day's skiing!