Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Le Snowhall

This past weekend on what turned out, ironically, to be a beautiful, sunny day, we headed to Amneville, France for some indoor skiing.  This place is open 365 days a year and offers beginner as well as more advanced slopes, and it even has a sled hill!

This was Kate's first time on skis and Will's second, though it may as well have been his first since I think he was just three the last time we went.

This is the more advanced slope.  It's 620 meters long--not that I tried it out.  I stay firmly on the bunny hill!
Here's Kate all set to hit the slopes:

No pictures of Will.  Guess why?  As usual he tried to hide every time he saw my camera and I'm not talented enough on skis (actually, I'm a menace) to get any action shots.  Not entirely true, I guess.  I did manage this one:

Nice slow conveyor belt ski lift.  Just my speed.
 So, how did the kids do?  Great, of course.  Kate took to it immediately and after a few first shaky runs, Will loved it too.  Some of his friends were there and their dads, who are much better skiers than Roger or I, helped him down the hill.  By the end, he was zipping around with no problem.

As for me, I managed not to wipe out and take anyone with me, so I consider that a successful day's skiing!


  1. I think the reason kids manage stuff better is they arent afraid of falling... wheras we try hold ourselves so as not to hurt if we do (which never works)

    S has often mentioned about winter/snow holidays, but afraid experiencing so much snow in Lux over christmas I feel reluctant. But hearing of this place, hmm .. maybe I could give that a try.

    Kate looks all business with her outfit and skis though!!! :D She will be looking to go again soon I bet.

  2. I think you're right. Kids have no fear and they're much lower to the ground than we are. No wonder they take to these things right away! You should give the Snowhall a chance. It was great for beginners!

  3. Well I'm tiny myself (134cms) so I shouldn't be scared of falling either, maybe its more wounded pride!

    I've added it to my list of things to try do when I'm there. It's just awkward when it's only every 8 weeks for a couple of days to try do things.