Monday, March 28, 2011

More signs of spring

Kate and I bought some little bird feeder balls at the store a few months ago, and the birds have been gobbling them up.  Could be because Kate went a little crazy and hung up all 10 of them on our deck.  Consequently, we have flocks of birds feeding just outside our window.

 They're awfully cute.


What they're leaving all over our deck?  Not so cute...  Don't worry, no photos of that.


  1. Chickadees! I feed them, too. But I also get BIG CROWS stealing their suet balls.

  2. She hung them anywhere she could reach. right?

  3. Yes, she hung them on anything she could reach!

    So the cute little birds with yellow chests are chickadees? I've been wondering what they are. I can only imagine how quickly a crow would devour a suet ball. Thankfully I haven't seen any crows around!