Monday, January 16, 2012

Road Trip -- Part ?? IV I think

Even though we finished this road trip nearly two months ago (and have since undertaken another one nearly as long), I do want to post about the last leg of our journey.  It annoys me to leave things unfinished, so here it is.

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896 kilometers
9 hours 31 minutes

The last leg of our trip took us from Vicenza, Italy, to Lucerne, Switzerland, where we stayed one night, and finally, FINALLY, back home to Luxembourg.

It was a beautiful drive.

Though much of the mountains was hidden by fog,

we could see dozens of little waterfalls tumbling off the side of the hills.

We didn't have much time in Lucerne, but we still enjoyed walking around and looking at the sights.  Unfortunately, it was nearly dark by the time we'd checked into our hotel and set off, so we don't have too many photos. 
In front of one of Lucerne's covered bridges

The river running through the city was especially beautiful:

Silly girl.
The best part of the day for Kate, though, was her first taste of fondue.  Bread and cheese.--her ideal dinner.

This was good practice for our next road trip (Chamonix, France) in which Kate probably ate her body weight in cheese, most of it the really stinky kind much to her brother's dismay.
Will, who has decided that all cheese is disgusting, was not happy with our choice of restaurant.  Chocolate fondue for dessert cheered him right up, though...

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