Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When we signed up for phone and internet service through the P&T here, we automatically received an email account.  I think I checked it once, then realized we had no emails at all because I never gave that address to anyone.  So then I promptly forgot about it.  Fast forward to yesterday morning, when the school director commented that the emails she's been sending to my husband always bounced back.  That reminded me that I'd been meaning to tell her I don't get any of these emails.  We checked and, for some unbelievable reason, I'd given her the P&T email address as my main means of contact.  Why on earth I did that I will never know.

So, I go home to check that email account, only to discover I have completely forgotten the password.  And it's not one I created myself so I have no hope whatsoever of figuring it out, nor can I find the paperwork which contains my password.  I search the web site high and low for a "forgot password" button to click.  None in sight.  So I send them an email explaining I've forgotten my password and need to reset it.

This morning I get an email saying that they'd be happy to reset my password as soon as I fax them a written request.   Once I've done this, they will MAIL my password to me.  Mail it, as in snail mail.

WHAT????   Besides the fact that I don't even have a fax machine, nor do I know where to find one, why on earth would they send the password by mail?  Why isn't there at least a phone option?  I'm sure I could provide whatever security information they would need over the phone.  I just don't get it...


  1. Can you walk in and talk to someone? There's a nice bunch working at the P&T at City Concorde.

    Ask if they will take a scan instead of a fax (WHO faxes anymore???)

  2. I know, right? A fax??

    Good suggestions. I always seem to have better luck dealing with these kinds of issues in person. Fortunately, I remembered where I'd stashed the paperwork containing the password and was able to access my account. Whew! Lesson learned: meticulously file ALL paperwork from here on out!