Sunday, June 13, 2010

Village aux Vieux Métiers

I'm still behind here but am trying to catch up!

A few weeks ago we headed over to this small village, Azannes, France, which was holding a festival celebrating the old way of life:  Village aux Vieux Métiers.  There were dozens of people demonstrating how things were done in the good old days.  There was a dairy, stone carvers, launderesses, furriers, music and lots of other things.  It was fascinating, and the kids loved it!

First of all, the drive was beautiful:

All those yellow flowers!  I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Then, once we got there, there was so much to see.  Horses in harness:

Little girls in old-fashioned dresses being wheeled around in carts:

Cows to feed:

Baby goats to pet:

Traditional French music:

And laundry to scrub:

Kate loved this.  She got to wear this cute, frilly washerwoman cap as she scrubbed:

She was so cute (in my unbiased opinion) that a reporter from a local newspaper approached me and asked if they could take her picture and then interview me.  I said yes, and THIS was the result.  Kate was so excited to be in the paper.  The day it appeared she kept repeating, "I'm famous!" -- which her brother greeted with an eye roll and a muttered, "You're not that famous..."

All in all, a lovely day.  I know we'll be back next year!

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