Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I had such great plans for the weekend.  We were going to go to Nancy, France.  We were going to take out the bikes for a family bike ride.  We were going to hit up Schuberfouer one last time.  We didn't manage to do any of those things.  We did a whole lot of nothing, really, and it rained most of the weekend.  But Kate and I did manage to make this:

Cinnamon bread!  Guess what we're having for breakfast tomorrow?


  1. That looks amazing. Please share the recipe!

  2. This looks so YUMMY. I would like to try it, I need new ideas since Samuel does not want to eat ANYTHING!! uggrrrr. Anyway, can you email me the recipe? :0)

  3. It's a Pioneer Woman recipe:

    It was really easy, much easier than the Julia Child recipe I used to use. In that one, after you've got the dough kneaded, you work in a WHOLE stick of butter, which makes the dough fall completely to pieces and you have to knead till it comes together again. Since I don't have my Kitchenaid here, that would've made my arms fall off! I'd say the Julia Child one might be a little better, but not that much. The PW recipe also has butter, but you melt it and mix it in with the milk the yeast is proofed in. Much easier!

    Give it a try!

  4. Thanks Jennifer, I will definitely try it!
    I can't use my Kitchenaid down here :0( but I can't wait to make it. I read the recipe and seems easy and I LOVE the pictures and the way is written, too funny!

    Thanks again

  5. Thanks for the recipe. I'm afraid of yeast. Maybe I'll get up my courage and give it a try. At the moment I'm totally obsessed with Irish Brown Bread and made my first loaf today. I'm happy to report it is a quick bread so no scary yeast is required. ;)