Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer update, part 2

In the early part of the summer, our good friends, Ted and Laura came to visit.  Here they are:

We had a great time.  We took them hiking:

Ted took lots of pictures, which is why Roger and I are actually in these photos for a change.

We also went to Vianden, one of the most beautiful castles around:

The castle is perched on top of a giant hill, as so many castles seem to be.  Usually you have to walk or drive to the top, but in Vianden -- in the summer anyway -- there's another option:  the télésiege (chairlift), which swoops you up to the summit in no time at all.  The view from there is fantastic.  I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of it!

It was great.  Will was, once again, really impressed.  

It is nearly impossible, if you haven't noticed, to get a decent picture of this boy!

Ted and Laura, however, were much more cooperative.

So any friends and family thinking of visiting:  Come see us!  You too could have pictures like this. ;)


  1. We would love to go. Nice pictures!

  2. Genny, we would love that too. When Ryan was here we were so new to Luxembourg that I'm afraid we weren't very good tour guides. We'd do a much better job now!