Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter/Birthday Recap

Easter Sunday just happened to be Will's 7th birthday, so we had two reasons to celebrate.  Here's our day in pictures:

This is actually the day before -- egg dyeing.

Will really got into it

Not sure what brought about this spontaneous show of affection.

First thing in the morning we had our Easter Egg Hunt

That crazy Easter Bunny left Will a bow and arrow!
He had to promise not to point it at any living things -- especially his sister.

After the egg hunt, it was time for birthday presents.
Here's Will opening his birthday card from Kate.

She gave him bubble gum (or gubble bum, as she calls it).

He liked it enough to give her a hug -- a sure sign of a good gift!

My science book got a more mixed review.  He'll appreciate it later, I'm sure.

But the biggest hit of the day?

One that requires a helmet?  And lots of padding?

Roller blades!  We wasted no time testing them out.

While Will tried out his new skates, Kate rode around on her bike.
And picked flowers in the forest.
Finally, we had some cake -- Easter Bunny birthday cake, carrot, of course!


  1. the cake looks amazing! did you make it yourself?

    the photos of them hugging are lovely though!!!

  2. Thank you! I did make the cake myself. It was pretty easy, as far as animal cakes go.