Saturday, April 2, 2011

Frogs in love

This morning I stepped out my back door nearly right onto this:

As the kids said, "Look, Mom!  They're hugging!"
After I screamed (and grabbed the camera), I had to answer many questions about what the frogs were doing.  We decided these two little frogs just like each other so much that they're giving each other a big hug.  A big, slimy frog hug.  Ick.

Now I know what to expect on my lawn in a couple of days:
These showed up on our lawn nearly exactly a year ago.  No little frogs ever emerged.


  1. you have the most amazing house for wildlife! You could host wildlife field trips.

  2. True. I couldn't believe the frogs were still like that at the end of the day, so I Googled it:

    They can stay like that for several days!! Isn't that crazy? I haven't been down to check if they're still there, but I hope they've moved on. I'm so afraid I'm going to step on them!