Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home, part II -- Family in CA

The best part of coming home?  While Trader Joe's, Target and good customer service rank at the top of my list, they certainly can't compare to spending time with family:
Will and Grandpa

And swimming in the warm California sunshine.  We did lots of swimming!

with cousins:

And second-cousins (?):

and a couple of dogs!

Taken two seconds before the dog jumped on Will and nearly drowned them both!

There were cannonball competitions:

And Slip-N-Slide marathons:

Fountain splashing:

Dining alfresco

And more quality time with cousins:

A once-a-year family photo op:

And even the chance to cuddle up to a sweet pet dove.

Don't ask me to explain how even Will, who has declared all kissing "disgusting," who only allows me to kiss him when he's asleep, had no problem puckering up to a bird:
So he doesn't look thrilled.  But he did it!  I'm slightly offended.
We also found time to reconnect with some very good friends.

Kate and Ryan plan to get married and have 10 kids.

Emily cuddling up to her favorite "Woo"

It was such a nice visit, but seeing all these wonderful people just once a year is not enough.  I hope to tempt at least a few of them to come visit us this year.  Seriously, what are you all waiting for??

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