Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Part IV -- Texas

After a few weeks in California, we boarded a plane for Texas, where we spent one week.  Since we're now so used to marathon flights, the 3.5 hour trip seemed like nothing.  There wasn't even a movie, but the kids didn't mind a bit.  Will passed the time taking photos...

...mostly of clouds but also a couple of Roger, sound asleep and snoring.  I won't post those here. :)

Once in Texas, we spent our time visiting with family.  The kids were so happy to see Gigi again, and we managed to see just about everyone else too.

Here's Kate with her great-grandfather:

The kids loved playing with their sweet cousin, Samuel:


We also found time to visit a cute little children's museum where Kate got to don an apron and do some painting:

Really, we did just about whatever we could to beat the heat. Texas was HOT.  Hot, hot, hot.  
108 degrees F = 42 degrees celsius
This will forever be engraved in my mind as the trip where I learned to appreciate ice.  (I never liked ice in my drinks before -- too cold -- but in 108-degree weather?  Necessary!)

It will also forever be engraved in my memory for another reason.  Let's just say the kids and I had been enjoying a lot of togetherness over the past four weeks, sharing every waking and sleeping moment AND, apparently, something else.  I just love it when my children share with me.  No idea where or when we picked up this charming little problem, but it involved a major freak-out on my part, countless trips to the drug store and even a visit to this place, which by the way has the catchiest jingle ever and was worth every penny.  

That little bump aside, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, but all too soon it was over and we headed back to California where we spent one more week catching up with friends before hopping on a plane (or two) back to Luxembourg.

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