Thursday, October 20, 2011

Burg Eltz

A couple of weeks ago, during what was probably the last warm, sunny weekend for MONTHS, we took a little trip to Burg Eltz in Germany.

I can't explain how much I loved this place.  The castle was straight out of a fairy tale, and the setting? Spectacular!

I think fall must be the best time to go.  Those leaves!

We hiked down from the car park about a kilometer through the forest:

.. to get to the castle.

There's a nice restaurant...

And little windows for peeking out:

See Kate behind all the sunbeams?

Will's best picture face.

And an armory that impressed even Will (though he's still upset I wouldn't let him spend 30 Euros on a crossbow at the gift shop):

It was a gorgeous place, one of my favorites of all the castles we've seen so far.  Hot and tired after our day of exploring, we hiked back through the forest to find our car.  The kids were thirsty, so when we saw this little booth we thought we'd just buy them an apple juice before we hit the road:

Just one little problem:  They only served wine -- which, for some reason, they were giving away.  In the parking lot.  Before everyone got in their cars and drove home.  Europe -- gotta love it!

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