Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I ♥ Luxembourg: Travel Opportunities!

See the motorway sign?  DFB = Germany, France, Belgium, all just a short drive from Lux City

From my house:
Belgium..................16.4 kilometers (10.2 miles)
France.....................22.2 kilometers (13.8 miles)
Germany.................35.1 kilometers (21.8 miles)

One of my favorite things about Luxembourg is how close it is to... everything!  Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world (only 998 square miles -- smaller than the state of Rhode Island), and situated smack dab in the middle of Europe, which makes it ideal for traveling.  So far since we've been here, we've visited France, Germany and Belgium (obviously), Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, England and Tunisia.  If we throw in Roger's business travels, we could add Spain, Norway, Denmark and Ireland too.  (But that doesn't really count. He's always in some other country.) Compared to some of our friends here, we've hardly seen anything.  We've got a lot more traveling to do before we go home.  We need to get on that!

Luxembourg is, in fact, so small that some people go to other countries just to do their shopping.  People often grocery shop in Germany since it's much cheaper, and every time I need to go to Ikea I head over to Belgium.   One time I even went to Germany by mistake.  It's surprisingly easy to do, especially since there are no more border controls so you barely notice you've entered a new country.  

As an American from a big state, I still marvel at how compact Europe is, Luxembourg in particular.  In California, it would take us hours of driving just to reach a state border.  And when you cross a state border nothing really changes.  Here?  Not true.  Though, because of the EU, the money stays the same, the language does not.  Yet another reason to be multilingual like nearly everyone here.  Simply amazing.  But that's another post altogether.... 

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