Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Scenery

I know I say this every season, but I think that fall has to be the best time of year here in Luxembourg.  I'm shocked to admit this, since I love warm weather and am dreading the cold months ahead, but autumn here is incredible.  The leaves!!  I've never lived anywhere that really had seasons, much less a place surrounded by forests that are transformed into seas of gold, red and orange.  What a difference that makes!

Since the kids have had the past week off for the half-term holiday, we've been taking advantage of the relatively mild fall weather and the beautiful scenery, and have managed to pack quite a bit into this week.

I'll post about all that soon, but for now I just wanted to leave a few photos of the gorgeous autumn scenery:
Overlooking the Grund

From our backyard:


And a few taken on a walk in our neighborhood:  

As you can imagine, living on the edge of a forest means a LOT of leaves fall into our backyard.  Of course, we rake them up every day.  NOT!  But the City of Luxembourg is on the job.  A guy was out in the alley behind our house with a leafblower yesterday morning, blowing all the leaves back in to the forest.

Two hours later, it looked like this:

Don't you think the city could find a better way to spend its money?

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