Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Adventures

As I mentioned, the kids have been off school for the past week because of the half-term holiday.  We couldn't go away anywhere since Roger had to work, but the kids and I have been making good use of the time.  

We finally got around to visiting the Natural History Museum here in Luxembourg:
I'm not sure what this was, but Kate wanted her picture in front of it:

We spent lots of time on scooters, too.  Here's Kate with the one she got for her 4th birthday:

And here's Kate, "cwoss," because her new scooter wasn't "cowopewating":

A couple of days later, the kids and I headed to Belgium to visit the Eurospace Center there.  Will was in heaven, Kate not so much.  But they both loved the real rockets outside:

Especially Will.
He had to pose in front of every one they had:

I didn't complain because normally I have to bribe him to get his photo!

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