Monday, May 24, 2010

Holland -- Part I

I'm skipping over several chapters here but I wanted to post about the trip we took to Holland a few weeks ago before I forget it.

We visited Keukenhof Gardens just outside of Amsterdam at what I think was close to if not the peak of the tulip season.  Truly breathtaking.

Even Will, who's often a reluctant traveler, had a good time.  Keukenhof also has fantastic playgrounds and a petting zoo, so that helped.  A 6-year-old boy can only handle so many beautiful tulips.

I told the kids to pose in front of their favorite flowers so I could take their pictures.  Here's Will with his:

Don't let the dismal expression fool you.  He was having a great time.  Really.

Kate had many favorites.  These:

And these:

And these:

And these:

It was kind of like Will in the Egyptian section of the Louvre.  Again, I won't be posting all the photos here.  Maybe just one more of her "favoritest flowers ever!!"

These were some of my favorites:

Will liked the flowers more than I expected, but the stepping stones crossing a lake proved to be the most exciting part of our visit.  He fearlessly leapt from one "stone" to another, while I cringed and yelled from the shore to be careful.

And there were swans. 

Will loved that.  I've got lots of pictures like this:

Swans make him happy.

There was also a big windmill:

And traditional dancers:

And a petting zoo with cute baby sheep:

Bunnies with red eyes (or is it just the photo?):
Ponies in desperate need of haircuts:
Chickens that loved to hide in wheelbarrows:
And drink from old-fashioned pumps:
And this giant turkey.  Kate's comment:  "I bet he's delicious!  Poor turkey."  My little empathetic carnivore...

There was also a cute Russian doll photo op:

And a snake that fascinated Will:

But even better was the playground.  It had a zip line:

A great rope climbing structure:

And a tire swing for spinning till you're just about to lose your lunch:

Every child's dream.  

Next up:  How I dragged the family all over Holland in search of windmills, lots of windmills.  

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