Monday, May 3, 2010

Still here...

I started this blog to keep friends and family up to date on our adventures but I know I'm not doing so well.   I am woefully behind!  Let me catch you up.

In the last month, not necessarily in this order, we have:

• Gone to Paris (wonderful, but cold and wet)
• Visited Clervaux and had a lovely weekend with a visitor from home
• Experienced the very unique Peckvillercher (or something like that) holiday in Luxembourg
• Celebrated Will's 6th (!!) birthday -- How did he get to be six already??
• Enjoyed a two-week visit from Aunt Minnie and Grandpa
• Took another trip to Paris (this one not so fun, involving a day in the emergency room and a hospital stay -- looong story for another post.  Maybe.)
• Added another castle (Bourscheid) to our repertoire
• Visited the absolutely lovely town of Trier, Germany -- another new country for the kids!
• Spent hours hiking through the forest
• Marveled at the wonders of spring in Luxembourg (if you know me on Facebook, you're probably already tired of me gushing about this.  So I won't do it here, I promise.)

Well, maybe just one picture:

Or two:

And since I know some people get tired of me posting landscape pics without kids in them, here's one of Will learning to ride the scooter he got for his birthday.  He's a natural!

And, just for fun, one of the kids on this adorable little train we discovered in the Grund.  It's absolutely free and they can ride as often as they like.  I think it took about an hour before they were tired of it.  Notice Will hiding from the camera.  He does that a lot these days.


  1. I know that church! I drive by it every day.

  2. That's right! You're just up the hill from me, aren't you? I take a walk most evenings and climb that big hill just so I can stare at the forest and that church. It's so pretty, plus climbing hills makes me a little less homesick for San Francisco. And maybe it helps burn off all the pastries I've been eating lately. :)