Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gigi's Visit -- Part 1

A few weeks ago, Roger's mom (also known as Gigi) came to visit.  It was her first trip to Luxembourg and we were all so excited!  Unfortunately, Roger spent a good part of her visit in the U.S. but we still had lots of fun.
Gig and the kids in the Grund

During her visit, we managed to take Gigi to four different countries.

To start off, we took a trip to (1) Trier, Germany.  We'd been there before but this time we did one of those Hop-On Hop-Off bus trips, and the kids loved it.  It took us by the ancient Roman ruins and then up to the top of the hill which provided a spectacular view (sorry, no pictures).

Then, we headed to (2)  Bruges, Belgium.  What a beautiful place!  Even Will, who's not easily impressed these days, loved it.  The whole town looked like a postcard:

  One of the highlights was a horse and carriage ride.  Yes, it's corny but the kids loved it.  I did too, actually.  Here's the horse.  He had a name but I forgot it:

The jostling of the carriage didn't do much for my pictures, since my camera battery died and I had to rely on my iPhone.  So most of my pictures look like this:

But you can see how much fun the kids are having:

We also took a boat ride on one of the many canals crisscrossing Bruges.  

It afforded beautiful views of the architecture:

And this cute dog the guide said was always perched on this windowsill:

The kids also loved our hotel:

Will was particularly fond of this little critter on the staircase:

We loved Bruges. 

We want to go back!!


  1. Is Kate wearing Hannas?

    Love the dog in the window. I hear nothing but rave reviews about Brugges. I have a trip planned to that neck of the woods for Halloween weekend . . . hope to get there then.

  2. Yes, those are Hannas. Good eye! She and I both love those striped play dresses. I won't even tell you how many different colors she has. Bruges was one of my favorite places we've seen so far but I've also heard Ghent is worth a visit as well.