Monday, September 13, 2010

They want to give me money?

I took the car in a few weeks ago for a service -- oil change, etc., no big deal -- paid the bill (not cheap, let me tell you!) and left, figuring that was the end of it.  But then I got this in the mail:

Best I can tell, they're asking me to provide them with my bank account number so they can reimburse me. For what???  Why did they give me a bill for the service if they were just going to reimburse me for it a month later?  The car is still under warranty, but not for service as far as I know.  It seems like we would've been told that when we bought it.  Or they would've told us that when they performed the service.

I don't get it.

I'm going to have to call them and figure all this out.  It's just if there's some obvious reason for the refund, I'd like to know before I call and make a fool of myself.

Of course, someone wanting to give us money is a good thing.  I'd just like to understand why...

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