Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My big boy

He may be six years old now...
He may be in real, full-day school...
He may be reading Harry Potter to himself rather than listening to Good Night Moon at bedtime...
He may roll his eyes and mutter, "Oh, Mom, please!" when I try to hug him in public.

But he still sleeps with the precious little kitty* he's had since he was nine months old.

...which means he is not THAT big of a big boy, right?

*This is THE "Kitty," the one for whom he begged me to knit a pouch so she could accompany him to preschool, tied to his belt loop, the one who sparked countless frantic searches around the house, the park, half the city of San Francisco, when she inevitably went missing again. (Note:  Don't let your child become attached to a friend who is only three inches long.).  On one of her more memorable escapades, Kitty accidentally accompanied Daddy to Amsterdam--and, of course, sent regular photo updates to Will sharing her adventures.


  1. Jennifer, I can't believe Will is 6 years old. I remember when he was a baby. He is such a handsome boy, and Kate is just ADORABLE!. Glad you all are having a good time! God Bless!!

  2. Thanks, Genny. It's amazing how quickly they grow up.

  3. Oh, this is just so sweet. I love that you knitted a pouch for Kitty.

  4. I've actually knitted a lot of stuff for Kitty, including two hats (one with teeny tiny earflaps and a pom pom). Unfortunately, because these things are only about half an inch big, they seem to get lost too often. And I won't even tell you about Kitty's birthday parties!