Saturday, January 16, 2010


I can't wait to go to Luxembourg!  But staying in the hotel has been nice because it's super good.  They have Corn Flakes for breakfast and my other favorite part is the hot tub.  Luxembourg is going to be fun and snowy and Sleeping Beauty lives there, I think.  Or there are castles anyway.  I'm going to dress up like Sleeping Beauty at my new school every day.


To all my friends, please write me letters or postcards.  If you send me something, I will write you back.  If you want my address, please email my mom:

(It's 98 cents to send a letter there.  You can just drop it in the mailbox if you have correct postage on.)

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  1. Dear Will and Kate,
    We are so excited to read all about your new adventures. Please post pictures when you can - we would love to see all the snow!! Lily Kathryn would like to see the castles and your new rooms!! We will try to send you a postcard from Austin. Love,
    Heather and Lily Kathryn