Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Will:

I want to stay in Luxembourg for 10 years now, not three, because of the snow but also other things too!


  1. Dear Will,
    How is your house? Do you have a wii? Do you have Super Mario Sluggers?
    School is fun. I know you didn't get to see 'Goodnight Moon' (the play the class went to this week). By the way, I really really miss you!

    Your best friend,
    (dictated by Max, typed by his mom).

  2. Dear Max,
    Our house is cool. It has all these rooms but the basement is my favorite. I don't have a Wii yet because we couldn't bring our Wii from home. It wouldn't work here.

    The name of my new school is St. George's. I have French class every day. I have to do a lot of work. I don't get to do art as much. There was a lot of snow today and I tried to make a snow man. The teacher thought I was making a snowball to throw and made me stop. I threw lots of snowballs after school. I threw a really big one at my dad and it got him in the face!

    I miss you and my whole class.

    Love, Will