Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House pictures -- finally!

Here are some pictures of the house.  While packing, I foolishly grabbed the wrong USB cable and so haven't been able to download all the photos from my real camera (just my iPhone).  Finally, yesterday I went to a camera store and had all the pictures put on a disc.  So, here they are, starting from the bottom of the house to the top.  The layout of the house from bottom to top is:

  • basement (no pics of that yet); 
  • main level (kitchen, LR, DR); 
  • bedroom floor with two large rooms and 1 small; 
  • bedroom floor (same as one below); 
  • attic:

Living room (with rental furniture):

Dining room:


Foyer with one of the three scary staircases!

View looking up at all the stairs.  Not the best picture but if you look closely you can see the "tunnel" between all the stairs.

The kids sleeping in what will probably be a guest room or office.  This is on the second floor, next to our room (which I don't have a picture of yet):

One of the smaller rooms.  This one is on the third floor and will either be a guest room or an office.  The one exactly like it on the second floor will be our "dressing room."  Since none of the rooms have closets, we're going to need a whole roomful of wardrobes!

Kate's room, 3rd floor, already conveniently painted the same shade of purple as her room in CA.  I wanted the kids on the same floor as us, the "dressing room" is really too small to use as a bedroom, plus it only has one plug.  So they'll have to be on the 3rd floor.  I'll feel better about the kids being on a different level once we put a carpet runner on the stairs!

Will's future room, also 3rd floor:

Kids' bathroom on the 3rd floor.  You can imagine how thrilled they are to have their very own jet tub!
Top floor, attic, which will probably be a playroom / extra guest room:


  1. Very cool. Lots of room for imagination. If you get a chance you should visit Goetheanum which is in Switzerland. I am not a huge fan of Steiner (Waldorf) philosophically but architecturally I find him impressive(esp for children).