Sunday, January 31, 2010

The last few days

We have had snow, more snow and even more snow.  There's not a whole lot on the ground, but it's been falling gently for the last few days.  Today, though, we did get a little break and actually saw the sun for a bit.

I haven't let the snow stop me from walking in the forest.  It's too beautiful to miss, even if it is freezing cold:

You can tell by all the footprints that I wasn't the only one enjoying the beauty of the forest.  I kept being passed by joggers and dogwalkers.

The kids couldn't wait to build a snowman:

Kate rolling out the base of the snowman.

The finished product.  Note it took up most of the snow from the backyard!

Not to worry:  The next day, the yard was covered in snow again.

And our snowman had a nice dusting of snow, obscuring his features.  Tomorrow the kids plan to make him a couple of friends.


  1. We've got tons of snow here in Denmark to! I'm counting the days until spring.

  2. I'm sure you have a lot more snow than we do. As a California native, though, even a few inches is exciting.