Monday, February 8, 2010

From Will

I like Luxembourg but I would change two things:

1)  There should be more sunshine
2) People should speak the same language as me


  1. Dear Will,
    It hasn't been very sunny in California lately, either. We've had a couple of nice sunny afternoons, but the mornings have been very foggy and earlier in the week it was just cloudy all day. I'll bet Luxembourg will get better in the spring.

    What language do most of the people in Luxembourg speak? I think some people speak French, some German, and some Luxembourgish, is that right? Or is it mostly just one of those? I'll bet you'll start understanding more and more the longer you live there.

    We have a day off school today... it's President's Day. Does Luxembourg celebrate Valentine's Day? Max and Stefan are busy running around chasing each other.

    Well, have a good week. Max says hi.
    -Anita (Max's mom)

  2. Dear Anita,

    Thank you for writing me. It's actually sunny today (Thursday) but it's still very cold. (Mom says to say that she keeps checking the average monthly temperatures and it should warm up a lot in March!) My Dad and I are about to go on a walk in the forest. We're hoping to see some deer. We saw some a couple of days ago but they ran away really fast and Kate was too tired and grumpy to walk very far, so we're leaving her with Mom today.

    People in Luxembourg speak Luxembourgish to each other but French most of the rest of the time. If you're closer to Germany, they speak more German. I hear mostly French. Mom thinks I'm starting to understand some French but I'm not sure. I have French class every day but I'm not sure I'm learning that much.

    I have this whole week off of school because of Carnival and maybe Valentine's Day. They do celebrate Valentine's Day here but not as much as in the US. Carnival is kind of like Halloween because kids dress up and there are parties. There's also a day (maybe called Candlemas??) where kids go door to door with paper lanterns, sing songs and ask for treats. That was about a week ago. They came to our house once and sang a song that sounded like "blah blah blah blah blah blah." We gave them some chocolate candy bars. They seemed happy with that.

    Tell Max that I have a Wii now. I play Wii Sports Resort because that's all I have now. I miss you and the whole class.