Friday, February 5, 2010

More forest pictures

We're having a heat wave here:  It got up to 6.5 degrees celsius (43.7 degrees Fahrenheit) here yesterday.  That, plus the steady rain, has melted most of the snow -- and the kids' snowman:

Isn't he a sad sight?  Notice the poor, fallen carrot nose.  Will is very unhappy about this turn of events.

We did get a brief break in the rain yesterday, so I took advantage of it and took another walk in the woods.  They're even more beautiful in the sunshine!

Still some snow around but it's definitely on its way out:

The City of Luxembourg scatters these little bird feeders throughout the forest:

I didn't see any birds but I did spot a magnficent buck!  Unfortunately, he was too quick for me so I didn't get a picture.  


  1. It's Bambesch, right off of rue de Rollingergrund. We're really lucky that our house backs right up to the edge of the forest. There are lots of great hiking trails throughout the forest. You can definitely come!