Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am in a good mood today...

For a few reasons:

1)  I managed to find chai tea today, the one thing I've really been missing from home.  I found it in an organic grocery store, and they had not one, not two, but three different varieties!

2)  The sun was out today, and it was beautiful.  It warmed up to about 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees F), which may not sound very warm but it felt like spring.  Yes, I must be getting used to the cold weather here!  It felt like one of those rare, precious, hot days in San Francisco where everyone simply must be outside enjoying the weather.

3)  Our stuff is coming tomorrow!  While I know it will bring a few weeks of chaos until everything is unpacked, sorted and put away, I can't wait to be fully settled in.

We talked a little today about what we're most excited to have from home:

Kate:  Her bed

Me:  My vegetable chopper from Williams-Sonoma

I'm already on my second one of these, and if this one breaks, I'm hitting up my US friends to send me another one.  Cannot live without it!

Will:  Claimed he couldn't remember what he had and he wasn't excited about anything.  Ever.  He's been a bit of a grump these days.  I think maybe the lack of sunshine has been getting to him too.  Then he said, after hearing Kate's response, that he was pretty excited about Kate's bed too so that he wouldn't have to share a room with his annoying little sister anymore.  As I said, a bit of a grump these days.

Roger:  Said that he doesn't really care too much about any of his stuff.  He doesn't miss anything, and -- in fact -- the less stuff he has, the better.  I think I can see where Will gets it.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a crazy day but we are one step closer to being fully settled, which is a good thing!

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