Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little bit of spring in the midst of winter...


  1. Dear Will,
    Did you have a nice winter? I know how to fight in Lego Batman now. Some day, our class will do an experiment with the volcano. Soane has a new baby sister. I like to watch my brother play Nintendo. Have you learned a lot of French words yet? I remember "merci" and "bonjour."
    It has been raining a lot here, but not since a while.


  2. Dear Max,
    Winter is not over yet but so far winter is fun because it's snowing a lot. Right now, though, it's raining and the snow is melting because of the rain. I'm sad about that. Thank you for the news about school. I knew Soane was going to have a baby sister soon. We're getting a Wii this weekend, Dad said. I can count to 12 in French but I forget 12 a lot. My Mom says that's really counting to 11. Thank you for writing me. I miss you and everyone else in my class so much!