Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final fall forest foray photos

How's that for alliteration?

Snow has been falling for the past few week or so now, and it's beautiful.  But I am just not ready to say goodbye to fall.  So here are a few photos from my last few forest walks this autumn.

Most of the beautiful autumn color is gone, but there's still lots to see.  On a recent walk, I discovered this wooden wind chime deep in the forest.

I have to say, it looked better than it sounded.

Cute little shelter in the woods.  It's just begging for picnickers, I think!

Last few stubborn leaves hanging on....

Though the spectacular autumn colors are gone, there's still plenty of color to be found.


Fallen leaves, of course:
Ivy climbing up the leafless trees:

Lots of ivy!

And evergreens scattered throughout the forest.

There are even a few giant sequoias to be found:

They weren't that giant.  Maybe they're babies?

 I love the forest at all times of the year, but it was truly magnificent when the leaves were falling.  There were just so many that it almost felt like rain.  Listen to this video:

That sound isn't rain falling.  It's leaves!


  1. Oh, I know what you mean. I just love all the forest walks. It is so lovely here.

  2. It is! Every season, I say THIS is my favorite time of year in Luxembourg. Except maybe winter. That one isn't my favorite, though I have to admit the beautiful snow this morning has me as excited as a kid. The forest is GORGEOUS right now!