Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heidelberg, part two

The next morning we had some excitement.  Will lost his first tooth!

It happened in the breakfast room at our hotel, and the very nice German family having breakfast at the next table even applauded for Will.  He was very excited.

After breakfast we headed up to Heidelberg Castle.

It was beautiful!
 I thought this would be a great setting for a Christmassy photo with the kids.  Unfortunately, my husband stood 200 feet away and doesn't know how to use the zoom.

 But I got a good one of the kids.  I just had to remind them that Santa Claus is more likely to bring presents to kids who cooperate with their picture-happy mothers.  I'm going to miss that when Christmas is over!

 The castle was beautiful but the view -- breathtaking!

My newly gap-toothed boy:

Kate and Daddy: 

Here's Will plotting to throw snowballs at people below.  I didn't let him.

Aww, c'mon, Mom.  Please! Look how big my snowball is!!

Heidelberg is also home to the world's biggest wine vat.  I think it holds 228,000 liters.  Or something like that.  

Will was really impressed.

After the castle, we headed back to the Christmas market to do some ice skating.  

Will's first time on skates!

He did great!

Or at least Will went skating.  Kate spent that time posing with all the cute polar bears surrounding the rink. 

See the castle in the background?

We decided to leave Heidelberg early because we'd heard a huge storm was on the way and we didn't want to get stuck.  Good thing we did!  It took nearly five hours to get home and the drive was terrifying:  heavy snow on unplowed roads.  But we made it...


  1. Jennifer, I love the pics!!!, specially the ones overlooking the city, how beautiful!
    I told Ryan that I am not sure if I can live with all that snow for months! I am glad you all are having fun, specially the kids.

  2. Thanks, Genny. I'm not thrilled with all the snow either. It's pretty but not much fun to drive in. I bet it's nice and warm where you are right now! Hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas.

  3. It is HOT!!! if you want to see some of the pics please visit our site, here is the link:
    Happy New Year!!!