Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Où sont les pelles à neige?

That's a question I've perfected over the last couple of weeks.

What's a pelle à neige, you ask?

Not one to be found in the whole city of Luxembourg!!

And I really need one!  The never-ending snow we've had over the past few weeks means a lot of sidewalk to be cleared.  By law, residents have to clear the sidewalk in front of their houses by 7 a.m. or they risk being fined.  I've also heard you can be liable if someone falls and is injured but I'm not sure if that's true.  So there I am each morning with my rake and broom trying to clear a path for pedestrians.  Not too bad if the snow is light and powdery, but if someone's walked on it -- and they usually have -- it's packed down and frozen solid, pretty much impossible to remove with a plastic rake and a broom.

So I need a snow shovel!  But every store I've visited (five at last count) has been sold out with no delivery date in sight.

Will someone please send some snow shovels to Luxembourg right now?  We really need them!  And maybe some salt too.  They don't have that either.

Being a California girl, all this is new to me.  In fact, I was surprised to learn that dumping salt on icy steps removes the ice and makes them safe to walk on.  Who knew? (I know, everyone but me).    I guess I should've paid better attention in chemistry class.  They probably told us the effect salt has on ice.

Anyway, it doesn't matter because there's no salt in Luxembourg either.  I did figure out, though, that the salt you have to dump in your dishwasher (this stuff) works pretty well on icy steps.

In the meantime, as I scrape the ice away with my plastic rake, cursing winter under my breath, I'll keep repeating to myself... Only three more months till spring, three more months till spring...


  1. I'm still using dishwasher salt myself . . . thankfully, the house came with a snow shovel. On a related note, my neighbor, the Finn, and I laughed and laughed yesterday about how we moved from Finland and Russia to Luxembourg and now we are shoveling more snow than we ever have in our lives.

  2. That's crazy! More snow here than in Russia and Finland? I suspected it wasn't true when people told me last winter that snow is unusual here.

  3. Hi, I have spotted your blog and wanted to ask a question about education in Luxembourg.
    Assuming your kids did not speak other languages prior to your move, were they able to learn in school in Luxembourg? Which languages are taught?
    and how much time is devoted daily to the teaching/practice? Is is normal for expat kids to pick up the language this way, and be considered fluent? How long does this all take?
    I am doing some research and have studied a bit about bi and trilingual families, but would like
    to know how this works in a monolingual family.
    Okay, thanks for your time! Hope you can find time to respond : )