Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heidelberg -- Christmas Market

This past weekend we went to Heidelberg to see the Christmas market, which we'd heard was wonderful.  It was!  It was our first trip to the city too, and we loved it.  Such a beautiful place and less than three hours from home.

The Christmas Market was fabulous.  Lots of cute, Christmassy things to buy, good German food (sausages, potato pancakes with apple sauce), hot chocolate and gluhwein (mulled wine).

It was snowing gently, which just added to the Christmassy atmosphere.  Not that I could get a decent picture of the kids.  So uncooperative.

 There were even some rides for the kids.  Again, no good pictures.  I think there's something wrong with my camera.  All the photos look like this:

Couldn't be the photographer I'm sure.  Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera for Christmas?

For some reason, there were even donkeys to pet and feed -- for the small price of 1.50 Euros.  Kate wanted to do it but then she wasn't so sure.

He looked like a gentle donkey to me.  But maybe from Kate's perspective...
 ...he was a little scarier.

She eventually gave him the carrot, no fingers lost.

 Will was too busy dancing around on the spotlights surrounding the square's fountains.  Apparently, they were really slippery.  All the little boys were enthralled with this activity.

He was so busy dancing he barely even noticed I snapped his picture.  Ha!

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