Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magical snowfall...

... or a blizzard, depending on who you ask.

Me, I had nothing to do and -- since schools were closed because of the heavy snowfall -- nowhere to go, so I was perfectly happy with the outcome of last night's huge storm.

Can you believe how beautiful that is?

Everything looked like it had been dipped in white velvet.

And then the sun came out...


I know, it's just snow.  But you have to remember, I'm a California girl!  These things are very exciting to me.

Naturally, the kids spent the day playing in the snow, having snowball fights and building a big snowman.   This was our first ever snow day, and I have to say, I hope we have a few more!


  1. It really was lovely. I was thinking I should have gone for a hike.

  2. Its like that here in ireland. I don't ever remember having proper crunch snow (apart from when I was about 6) so last year when I spent christmas in Luxembourg I was like a big child with all the snow - kept jumping up and down and going oooh!!!!!!

    Himself has promised me theer will be plenty still when I arrive back next week - I hope so!